The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is available on Amazon and the Mi Store for an introductory price of Rs 1,999, And soon it will be available on offline stores.

Xiaomi’s latest Mi Band 3 is an excellent upgrade to its predecessor the Mi Band 2 and carries outstanding features along. The first main upgrade that you can see on Mi band 3 is that it comes with much larger screen, the screen size is 0.78 inch OLED that is 85% bigger than Mi band 2. It also comes with 193ppi touch screen display which allow you to scroll horizontally & vertically to different menus.

Just like mi band 2 Mi band 3 also allows notification but more important is that, on Mi band 3 you can actually read text messages from WhatsApp up to 5 of them from your list. It comes with very unique  2.5D design that you don’t see in other fitness band that really gives you a stunning look. It also comes with touch button that allows lot of things like call rejection. It comes with hypoallergenic durable silicone strap that allows you to feel very comfortable, Its comes in 3 different color strap. It also comes with ultralight weight that’s 20 grams. Major upgrade in Mi band 3 is its water resistance up to 50m. It comes with 110mah battery and  it will last up to 20 days battery life. IXiaomi has also added some cool features like 3 day weather forecast, stop watch, find your phone, alarm, idle alert.

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 is a fitness band with the ability to track exercise (steps taken, distance moved, calories burned), sleep (deep, light and total sleep) and heart rate (automatic or manual), over the past day, week or month. You can track fitness data in the  Mi Fit app..

One of its biggest advantage  aside from the convenient low price  is incredibly long battery life. Though your exact duration will vary dependent on notifications you receive, the 110mAh battery inside (up from 70mAh in Mi Band 2) can easily last 20 days before needing a recharge. And when it does drain down, you can get it back up to 100 percent in just a little over an hour.

Navigation is intuitive, requiring simple swipes up, down, left and right to enter and browse menus. A single touch button can be used to return you to the main screen or select an option, such as a manual heart-rate scan.

In Mi band 2 it was able to count only your steps, the Mi Band 3 can now more accurately differentiate between walking, running (outdoors or using a treadmill) and cycling, and during these activities you can configure the band to vibrate if your heart rate goes over a specified BPM(Beats Per Minute), or if you start to run slower than you’d like.

For activities that don’t fall into these groups, such as jump rope or sit-ups, you can ‘tag’ the behaviour so that when you are later tracking progress you can understand what you were doing at that time.

A popular activity not accounted for here is swimming, and that’s something we hope will come in a later generation. Though the Mi Band 3 won’t track your strokes, it can be worn in the swimming pool, bath or shower. Whereas its predecessor met IP67 waterproofing specifications, the third-gen Xiaomi fitness band builds on this with 5ATM.

The new Mi Band also has some smartwatch-type functionality, and it’s now much easier to activate the screen by lifting your wrist than with the awkward twist required by previous generations

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